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1 WANTED: hello 04/11/2008 Details
Buy from me
2 vasvsdvsv 10/26/2006 small camera icon Details
3 FOR SALE: we sell all kinds of phones 01/23/2006 Details

Nokia 6230i:$80
Sendo X2 Music Phone:$96
Panasonic X800 VS7 :$165
Motorola E1060 :$190
Nokia 6680:$220
Motorola A1010 PDA SmartPhone:$230
Sony Ericsson K600:$180
Nokia 6822 :$113
Treo 650:$170
Motorola i860:$112
Samsung SGH-D500:$180
Siemens S66:$60
Nokia 9300:$115
Samsung e316 :$140
Sony Ericcson K500
Nokia 7610:$136
Samsung SCH-a610:$160
Motorola E680:$195
Motorola A1000 :$200
Motorola V80:$120
Treo 600:$170
Sony Ericsson Z1010:$180
Samsung p207 :$200
reach us at stlunasphoneplaza@yahoo.com

4 FOR SALE: like new 500mb HD 12/19/2004 small camera icon Details
Great buy for starter computer. (You'll want a new one in about 2 days.)

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